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Secretary of the party committee、The general manager Chai Yong


  AnnouncementsMore and more>>
Non-resident about adjusting gas sale price of notice 
Langzhong people's government office about print and distribute《Langzhong indoors 
Special statement about never install gas safety valve 
Solemnly declare 
LangZhong gas motor energy branch on the net the seven Riga
   Don't forget the beginner's mind a new starting point to start Create a new journey to continue19-06-18
   “Double gen”YingJian community in action LangZhong gas assault to consolidate19-05-22
   LangZhong gas“Double gen”Meet the provincial inspection Site supervisor to carry out the community work19-05-22
   City leaders check tianma temple community“Double gen”Work19-05-16
   Tianma temple community integrated joint law enforcement inspection Booster LangZhong gas service“19-04-25
   Rio tinto poverty alleviation based on water conservancy construction DiGuanZhan maintenance support spring19-04-18
   Service into the community“Double gen”Solid work Then the next work19-04-09


  The company partyMore and more>>
Condolences to the people's army Soldiers and civilians to build words etc 
Company to develop the revolutionary martyrs Carry forward the revolutionary tradition 
Head office communicate learning spirit of the third plenary session of the eighteenth 
Together to fly Concentric altogether builds the Chinese dream 
《Sichuan news net》Pairing, and other media corporation 
《Authority party construction in sichuan province》Earnestly and natural gas corporation 
  The development and constructionMore and more>>
The implementation“To go out”War
The text-Five middle pressure head laid 
City gas company projects to strengthen to Tibetan personnel training 
The implementation“To go out”Strategy To further expand the market 
Construction of key projects Promote gas career development 
Increase the intensity of equipment maintenance Improve the economic efficiency 
Passion burning years Quite perky 
  The enterprise cultureMore and more>>
“The devil”Training Help improve overall quality 
Singing melody Celebrate the eighteenth 
Humanistic education weight Training effect 
Take care of the old comrades Pleasure chongyang 
High red Celebrate National Day (Photos) 
The worker education highlights the relay characteristics 
  Media attentionMore and more>>
《LangZhong newspaper》:Reinforcement
《LangZhong newspaper》:Strengthen the fire drill Improve the emergency ability 
《The rule of law in sichuan》:To implement“Four、Five、Six、Seven”To build 
《LangZhong newspaper》:Does the practical work grounding gas Gas company group of teaching 
Media attention:The best bus driver•Shao Haiyang 
Media attention:“The taxi driver”Wen-xue wang 
Nanchong daily:Opening the LangZhong ancient city tour bus loop 
  Leadership concernMore and more>>
Further basic research Promoting the transformation of achievements 
Retired leaders moved State-owned enterprises are encouraged 
CPPCC inspections bei gas company 
  City busMore and more>>
Langzhong bus lines and services 
Onboard TV will be held12Landed on LangZhong buses 
Strike exhibition field 
Tengwang pavilion bus station to carry out the driving skills competitions 
Tree brand integrity civilization To build a harmonious peace bus 
Bus to return to public welfare LangZhong forge“Three type”The bus 
Strong-arm reaction city“The bus”True colors Reveal the ancient city of tourism spots 
Chengdu commercial daily “Mini bus”Get a five hair Residents say 
More measures and secure them City bus show new look 
City bus thoroughly disinfected 
The implementation“The reduced”With the inspection Efficiency linked to show results 
Build a warm home worker Create a bus brilliant tomorrow 
About strengthen the management of operating passenger car on fire control safety emergency 
LangZhong44The bus was put into operation And citizens 
  Garden of knowledgeMore and more>>
Natural gas use safety
《The regulation of urban gas》 
Safe production regulations of sichuan province 
Sichuan gas regulation 
Oil and gas pipeline protection regulations 
The regulations for the gas burning appliance installation and maintenance 
Measures for the management of city gas 
  City gasMore and more>>
Pipeline connection and the people
Company project construction symposium held in domestic gas market 
Red flame warm Spring Festival of the year of the tiger 
Gas industry28Second the battle of life and death 
The CPPCC leadership inspection town gas pipeline installation 
Pipeline connection and the people Pennants“The house”My mouth 
Company's main business got off to a good start 
  Fire safetyMore and more>>
Strengthen the fire drill Improve the emergency ability 
Strengthening the concept of security Enhance the level of service 
The bus suddenly“A fire” The joint between the quick disposal 
Grasp the real flood prevention work To ensure safety of flood control 
Strengthen the special gas Ensure that the gas safety 
Head office made the country“Ankang cup”Superior units 
  Soldiers and civilians to buildMore and more>>
Bayi sympathy troops on the eve of natural gas corporation 
“Live ammunition”Build and mood 
Natural gas corporation visited condolences Lang garrison 
Natural gas corporation sympathy Lang garrison 
Police with joy Sex feelings deep 
The party member troop into the barracks“Bayi”Condolences to the army 

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