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In Shanghai's industrial co., LTD. The main business:Merbau、Indonesia merbau、African merbau、South American merbau、Solomon merbau、Malaysia merbau and other wooden products。

Traditional products circulation channel is:The factory-Brand company-The general agent-Dealers-Stores-The consumer,The intermediate links,High prices,The products directly to consumers' hands,Quality is guaranteed,The company has a large number of spot,Can also be set size processing to meet the need of customers、Wrot processing、Antiskid groove processing,The embalming process、Drying process,A series of services such as logistics speed shipment。

As a nationally known merbau wood processing factory,Take the quality as the guarantee、Strives for the survival by the credibility、To promote the development of science and technology、Sincerely hand in hand、Win-win cooperation、Create a better future 。

Auspicious industrial co., LTD. In the spirit“The customer is supreme,Forge ahead”The management idea,Stick to it“The customer is supreme”The principle for the general customers to provide quality services。

Company profile
  • In Shanghai's industrial co., LTD. Is a professional Chinese merbau products supplier,Production base is located in the baoshan district of Shanghai。The company introduces merbau、Indonesia merbau、African merbau、South American merbau、Solomon merbau、Malaysia merbau abroad rare wood production and processing,The products sell well in mine cities in China,Deeply the general consumers and landscape company widely loved。

    The main products are:Merbau、Indonesia merbau、African merbau、South American merbau、Solomon merbau、Malaysia merbau, etc,In Shanghai, is a collection of products、Sales、Wholesale in integrated enterprise。

    Company after 10 years constantly strive to become the national well-known wood processing factory。Has a large number of technical advanced wood processing equipment、Anticorrosive vacuum high pressure equipment、Steam drying kiln、Sawing machine、All light and so on equipment。

  • In Shanghai's industrial co., LTD is introduced
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