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Xuchang meetall bridge co., LTD Is located in henan province,Xuchang economic and technological development zone is located in the country,Formerly known as“Xu Ji electric”Subsidiary stamping factory。Company specializing in the production of cable tray and new energy products supporting bracket,Is the same industry leading technology in China、Large scale、Supporting facilities、Automatic production line、Processing capacity good enterprise,With its own hot galvanizing production line,Production capacity in China,Complete collection of scientific research building,Production,Sales,Services for the integration of cable tray professional production base。 High standards of management team,Cooperate with the intensification of management system,To make...For details

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Xuchang meetall bridge co., LTD

The phone:0374-3219838


A mobile phone:13639666606

The company address: Henan xuchang economic and technological development zone sunshine avenue5197Number

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