Enterprise cloud

Equity roadshow
The supply and demand docking
The supermarket
With harmony
  • Collect the cloud,Enjoy it
  • Data is invisible,Tolerance is a great

The new model

Construction、Maintenance、Operational integration;
The funds、Technology、The talented person、A dragon service;
Online、Offline all-round

New thinking

The Internet,To the user as the center,The excavation of the user ideas and needs

The new technology

Big data+Block chain integration,AI、BI、
IoT、The neural network、Machine learning, etc


Credit to liquidateCredit+,Building enterprise1+NThe public service,Enterprise objective、Dynamic real-time three-dimensional portraits reflect the status of enterprise credit。Disciplinary construction joint incentive and united,CACertification,The electronic signature data encryption,The performance guarantee credit dynamic supervise performance management。

Production and marketing docking

In enterprise production and sales as the center,Well versed in upstream and downstream enterprises,To solve the enterprise“Buy to sell”To build enterprise circle of friends。

Insight into the enterprise cloud