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 Ruichang city square wood industry co., LTD. Is a products such as professional production and processing of the company,Have complete、Scientific quality management system。Ruichang city square wood industry co., LTD is a specialized for individuals、Construction company、Government engineering provides all kinds of wood material、Logs and supply companies of various kinds of special specifications of the wood,Is a collection of production、Processing、Sales for the integration of wood industry co., LTD。The integrity of ruichang city square wood industry co., LTD、Strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance。Run all kinds of construction timber,Wooden packaging board,The tray,Solid wood furniture with lumber,All kinds of antique buildings wood,After years of operation,Now the company has abundant capital and strength,It radiating surface of the better part of a Chinese,Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit、Guidance and business negotiation

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