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Of out win chi road rescue service co., LTD
The service hotline:0933-8696551
A mobile phone:18993359182
A mobile phone:15509331105
Address:Kongdong region, pingliang, gansu province, etc29Number
      Of out win chi road rescue service co., LTD. Company focus on the length of the accident、The fault、Rescue the trailer、For car checked、Water、Oil change channels、Take the electricity、The plight of danger、Generation of driving、And equipped with professional rescue equipment、Can issue a formal road rescue company invoice。The company currently has rescue vehicles3Vehicles,Achieve all-round24Hours of the rescue,Promise to give you the most intimate,The best quality service。The hired driver training mount guard,And it has5Years of actual driving experience,The escort to your car。Service range:The company has always been carrying out:Professional、In a timely manner、Good faith service concept;Since its establishment has successfully completed many rescue cases,With major4SThe shop、The garage、Fast repair shop、The car club、The insurance company、Traffic administration has established good relations of cooperation!Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!
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