Baidu education help for the enterprise

A commercial version

High weight search rankings In front of the display Document entry
  • Official website/Qr code
  • Key words outside the chain
  • Agency recommended content
  • Make a phone call
Advice immediately


Several brand exposure Brand module Brand recognition
  • Online message/Consultation
  • Hot words is recommended
  • OperationsBannerpositio
  • To make an appointment to the shop
  • Photo album(Outside the chain)
  • The page scroll bar(Outside the chain)
Advice immediately

Deluxe edition

Multiple custom marketing module Accurate diversion Efficient transformation
  • Baidu search agency Aladdin CARDS
  • Custom agency home page
  • Video/Audio
  • Library card search agencies
Advice immediately
  • Authority platform

    One of the biggest Internet learning platform,Has very high recognition,Every day5000All user access,The document flow5Hundred million。

  • Good user

    The user focused on education、IT、Marketing、Financial、Telecommunications and other fields,60%User education in undergraduate course/College degree or above,Pay will higher

  • Accredited institution Brand endorsement

    Baidu library platform certification mark;High quality、The document can seize the opportunity of baidu library is recommended,Establish a brand,Recognised by the user

  • Baidu search From the effect

    Urged clients to update the document,Bring a large number of external links to the customers,Consolidate the keywords ranking,Make more page is baidu high weight

  • Content marketing XuanLiQi

    The trust of the user document read the enhancement to the enterprise,To visit customer site、Consulting the customer products、Leave your phone clues

  • Accurate diversion More conversion

    Users see the commercial documents directly by baidu search results,Direct access to the document,Flow accurately,The defined requirements,The transformation of higher risk

Zhejiang poems that information technology co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of nanjing first screen group wholly owned subsidiary,Is the general agent of baidu library of zhejiang province,Committed to baidu library officials In package products business customers。Relying on the group accumulated customer resources and project experience for many years,Giving full play to the advantages of flexible mobility of the independent subsidiary, …