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The Internet of things die components company:
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Technical consultation:KouYongHong    The mailbox:kouyh@zouqinghua.com.cn
Business consulting:Rowling       The mailbox:luolin@zouqinghua.com.cn






About lumena

Chengdu lumena technology co., LTD(Have8800Factory、State-run lumena chengdu instrument factory),Is built in1971Small third line in military enterprise,In2000In the restructured into joint-stock enterprises,The registered capital6600Ten thousand yuan,2 in longquanyi district park street86Number,Accounted for
Covers an area of150000Square meters。Lumena is set research and development of science and technology、Manufacturing、Sales of all kinds of new electronic components for the integration of high-tech enterprises,Company focused on electronic tuner、WIFIThe module、MCUControl module、Military products,Products are widely used in video industry、
                                            Data communication field、The mobile communication field,With samsung、Haier、The celebration of family、Hisense、China mobile and other famous enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation...
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WIFIThe module

WIFIThe module

The bluetooth module

The bluetooth module

The collector

The collector


AdoptedRealtek、Qualcomm、MTKCompanies such as plan,Suitable for all kinds of Internet of things


Integrated bluetooth function,Used for television equipment


Adopted2GCommunication,Widely used in outdoor data acquisition


Long transmission distance,Low power consumption,Suitable for warehouse management and wearable devices
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News and information
  • 2019-03-26
    The text/The party's construction in sichuan all media center reporter Somerville j   3Month24Monday morning,Chengdu lumena technology co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“Lumena technology”)Hand in hand is electronic automation engineering college,Held together“Innovative entrepreneurial base”“Automation engineering practice base”Project launching ceremony signing opening and cooperation,Innovative entrepreneurial talent to provide a new platform for colleges and universities。   The vice mayor of chengdu jun-jie cao、Deputy director of provincial department of Tian Yunhui、Electronic infoshop department chief Su Ping sichuan provincial department of the letter、Provincial development and reform commission (NDRC) researcher angel lee attended the activity, etc。   Longquanyi district Yang wei said in his speech,Longquan
  • 2019-07-26
    This year6On the first in the country18A“Safety production month”,To carry forward“Risk prevention、In addition to the hidden trouble、Halt the accident”The theme of the thought。Dynamics, the union joint equipment company,Throughout the year6Around the company enterprise culture construction,Actively create a good atmosphere for the development of the safety science,To carry out series of safety production activities,Such as:Organize the obligatory fire brigade、Dynamics, equipment、And make two departmentSMTIn the center of employees9#Conducted a diachronic by factory1Hours of fire drill。Posting propaganda wall charts、Set the display boards、Learning and safety management books;To carry out“Security、The fire、The occupational disease hazards、The environmental protection、Traffic safety
  • 2019-07-26
    6Late month,In the founding of the communist party of China98Anniversary of the establishment,The company party committee“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”As the theme to carry out a series of celebration activities。Specific have activity:1.Group company, chairman of the all party member to study the acquisition“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Important speech and the theme of education work“Keep in mind the beginner's mind,Promote self revolution”The important speech spirit, etc。2.In history、Revisit the party oath thematic party day activity, etc,Strengthen party member's sense of mission、The sense of responsibility。3.Company make party committee published the first phase“Seven·A”Publicity column,Celebrate the founding98The anniversary。4.According to the longquanyi district“Two new

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