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  Constant art art glass,A appreciation can make common glass technology。Constant art art glass in glass as the main body、Art connotation,Use a variety of processing techniques combined with the glass after,To make out the shape of the spectacular and beautiful products or glass works。Constant art glass art technology making varieties contain embossed glass、Deep carved glass、Shallow carved glass、Flat glass stone、Ice sculpture glass、Ice-patterned glass、Glass fabric texture、Hot stamping silver pressed glass、Space forging coloured glass、Flower color glass、Caijing glass、Poly color glass、Vertical line mirror design(Gold、Silver、 Tea、Black)The glass、Laser glass、Jade glass、The vertical line of colored glass、Ice crystal glass、The lacquer that bake, such as glass, dozens of varieties。

  Constant art art glass fashion、Innovation、Personality、Strange、Style diversification,With a rich artistic charm,Due to its colorful art glass is the favour of broad consumer,Become a new bright spot of modern decorative materials,Widely used in the hotel、The hotel、KTV、Teahouse、The bar、Saunas、Family and so on。Flower,Animals and birds,Landscape character,Chrysanthemum patterns、Celebrity calligraphy and painting, etc,All available art glass technology applied to common glass,And each work fine image,Lifelike,Novel of primitive simplicity and elegant,Was a real eye-opener,Requirement space is decorated with art glass family、Office、The hotel、Hotel and so on!

Art glass wall in the background
Art glass door
Art glass screen porch
Art glass partition
Art glass wall hanging

  Constant art art ceramic tile is in ordinary ceramic tile on the application of new processing technology of the constant,Combination of porcelain and paintings,All kinds of screen hd restore to ceramic tile,Stereoscopic 3 d surface design,Broke the previous dull and commonplace,With ceramic tile special thick and texture,Ornamental and practical one,Especially suitable for as a background wall、Porch,Ascension home taste!

  On the value of ordinary ceramic tile per square dozens to hundreds of yuan,After the magnificent art ceramic tile,Homespun values,Hundreds to thousands of yuan per square metre。

  A new generation of constant art adsLEDMultilayer stereo matching color resin luminous characters、The glow of sign,Light box,Billboard,Characteristics of sign products,Strong visual impact。Constant art research and development of new technology、The new method,Without equipment investment,Processing cost is reduced greatly,Production speed is faster、The effect is better,Is a good project advertising upgrade of entrepreneurship!

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